Wine, Cheese, and old friends


I never even knew that wineries in Ohio existed up until about 3 years ago when I heard rumor that there was one near Athens. Last year I visited my first winery Mon Ami on Catabwa Island, right by the shore of Lake Erie, and it was fabulous. That same day we stopped at the winery on Put-in-Bay and it was less than exciting, it was more like going into someone’s kitchen and drinking wine out of a dixie cup. Mon Ami was exactly what I would have pictured a winery to be. It was stunningly lit, with vineyards right across from the actually winery and a garden with tables and Frank Sinatra playing in the background. My sister, my now brother-in-law and cousin sat there and drank 2 bottles of wine and just enjoyed the atmosphere. My new favorite is now Pink Catawba specifically grown in the vineyards of Lake Erie. To my delight that year when I left for school I was able to find Mon Ami Pink Catawba on the shelves of our local Kroger store in Athens. My first winery experience was fantastic and I didn’t have to go to Italy or Napa Valley.

This past weekend, I met up with some old friends from high school and we ventured out to yet another winery a little closer to home, Debonne Chalet. Debonne is beautiful. The farther east you go in Cleveland the more country like it gets and Debonne sits right in the middle of a beautiful vineyard, that is surrounded by lots of other vineyards. We spent all day, wine tasting before selecting our bottle, a new favorite Peach Tree Grigio. The atmosphere of a winery is relaxing, but still very entertaining. Our day out in the sun ended with me finding a new white wine of choice, a career connection, and rebonding with my former best friends.

Later that day, I decided to look up all the wineries in Ohio…woah. There are way more wineries than I ever anticipated. There are over 160 wineries in the state of Ohio alone. What makes them special is that they are all small and unique and don’t mass produce their wines. I’m more than happy they are distributed amongst Ohio stores, but I think it’s great that they stay true to their local pride. I would love to be able to visit all the wineries in Ohio someday. 3 down 160+ to go…

The Chalet
The Chalet
Lots of wines to chose from!
Lots of wines to chose from!

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