Love & Fitzgerald


I took this photo about a year ago in Long Boat Key and just found this quote and felt it was very fitting. I often find myself in a relationship or in the process of starting a relationship when it may not be what I need. I believe that society tells us that our ultimate goal is to marry and to reproduce and if you don’t then there must be something wront with you. Since my recent break up with my boyfriend I have decided that my main focus needs to be on myself. I need to be happy with who I am and most importantly happy being alone. As my exes move on and possibly into new relationships it doesn’t mean that I need to be in one as well. I would hope that they are just as content in whatever they are doing as I am at getting to know myself as a single person again. Rushing into another relationship isn’t the answer after a recent break up, but to be able to heal ourselves and be content with ourselves. Afterall, we are the person we will live with the longest.