It’s OK to be single and 23

The other day I had a conversation with one of my college friends about being single. Her and I had both recently ended our “summer flings” with guys we knew from the beginning wouldn’t work out. Hers was an undergrad med student and mine an engineer I met briefly who lived 5 hours away and we managed to keep up whatever we had for nearly 4 months. Lots of our friends are in relationships, some long term some not so long term, but we both agreed that there is this stigma in today’s society that maybe girls put on themselves that we aren’t supposed to be single. As 23 year olds we should be seeking out possible suitors or in long term relationships. What happened to being young, single and just plain ok with it?

Guys our age have this bachelor attitude towards life that makes them not want to settle down and “play the field”, but why can’t 20-something women do the same thing? There is something (which I have yet to figure out) about society that makes us have this old maid complex towards single women. We all think our biological clock is ticking and we better settle down now because we’re getting “old”. The thing is we’re not and the girls who think that are rushing into relationships solely for the reason of being in a relationship. Women can be just as career driven as men, want just as much freedom as men, and do whatever we damn well please. The problem is, most women my age don’t think that way. Even if they’re not ready for a relationship they are more than eager to jump into one for the sake of being able to say at the next family function they’re dating someone.

The point on this topic is to make 20 something women see that it is ok to be single and there is nothing wrong with it. Some people may find it when they’re young and it may last them a lifetime, but it’s just not for everyone. Find who you are before you’re on the hunt for someone else. It really isn’t a race and there is no prize for the first to cross the finish line. Live your life, don’t worry about when you’ll get married, you shouldn’t be concerned about your biological clock because when something is supposed to happen it will. Forcing things is only asking for a failure and I’ve seen too many friends make that mistake by trying to force things with the wrong people.

Be single, be free, and be just plain ok with it.

One thought on “It’s OK to be single and 23”

  1. There’s no need to rush into long term relationships. When you’re young is the time of discoveries… yourself, the world, yourself in the world… your passions, your truth, your passions embodied by your truth… By knowing who you are, you don’t need a man to lead the way.

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