Crying for Strangers

Winter decided to come early and stick around here in Northeast Ohio. We had 15 inches on the Northside of my hometown that created a parking lot out of the main streets. Normally when it snows this early on, It melts and there’s not much until Christmas. Well that’s definitely not the case and last night until late morning we got more.

The roadways really weren’t bad this morning, just wet. It was a little slow and snowy, but no problems. About half way into my commute I saw a horrific crash with half a dozen cops, two ambulances and two firetrucks. I gasped and immediately lost it. I don’t know what it is about strangers or people I know through association, but I couldn’t help but cry for this person in the overturned car. Maybe it’s me reflecting on things that have happened to me or family that’s still fresh, but I can’t help but cry dor them and their family.

Recently, we’ve had family trauma as my cousin, only 19, was diagnosed with non Hogkins lymphoma on his birthday. He’s been doing great with his battle after just 3 months, but this week has been a little bit of a struggle.

Six short weeks ago, my dad’s cousin and best friend was killed along side his brother in a construction accident. I didn’t know his other cousin as well as Cousin Mike,  but it had a great affect on me as these two men were only 54 and 56 with families left behind. Last week we got word from their family again, in Oklahoma,  that a third brother had a heart attack and died while driving. The shock and horror that my dad’s cousin’s family has most likely felt in the past 2 months is insurmountable. One of the hardest parts of all of this is yesterday I opened my dad’s journal (in plain sight, by the way) and turned to September 20th. It read, “One of the ugliest days of my entire life. Mike and Dan were killed in a construction accident when the crane toppled over. One of the hardest calls I made was to Michelle  (Mike’s wife) to check on her and she is trying to cope and comprehend the whole thing.” My dad is not one to talk about his emotions, but here too he is someone I cry for. When something doesn’t directly effect you personally it can still have a dramatic effect on you.

So, I pray for that person in the flipped over car and his/her family.

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