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Life after college-too suburban and mundane

Life after graduation has definitely been less than spectacular. Yes having money again is great and I have an amazing job with amazing people doing exactly what I want to do, but my life beyond that has been less than I had expected. Since I was 8 I was going to move out to California and live my dream in the warm weather and sunshine. After college I would just pick up and move out there, stay on my aunt’s couch until I got a job and got on my feet a little. The opportunities as a marketer seemed endless in California. In reality after college, I was thousands of dollars in debt with no experience and not one company that would take a second look at my résumé with an Ohio address. It was unbelievably hard to get someone to look at my résumé in Cleveland let alone in San Diego or Los Angeles. So my result was moving back in with my parents after graduation with no job and to continue sending out my résumés anywhere I could. My life has done a complete 360 degree turn from how my life was in college. Always surrounded by friends with little money, high ambitions and dreams. Now I feel like I’m living the life of a suburban housewife constantly dreaming I had a different life. My parents keep wanting me to stay at home for a couple of years and pay of my loans and save up, but I’m not ready to give up on a dream.

Talking to a friend who is moving out to Denver soon made me realize I really shouldn’t give up on my dream yet. I’m only 22 years old with a good job and career ahead of me, a somewhat supportive family, and good friends so why not move away? It’s scary thinking of going to a random city not knowing anyone and having to make new friends. Yes, I’ll miss having my family close by, friends I can count on, and the city that I know and love (as much as I’ve hated it this winter). But what I have to remember is the things I will be leaving behind, a few failed relationships and broken hearts, burned bridges with old friends, the cold weather and the mundane suburban life I’ve been living for the past 9 months. I need out and I’m still going to get myself out west. After my one year work anniversary I’m going to start looking for jobs out in California. I’m meant for something more and I’m determined to find it.